Tough Love in the Social Services

By Rowan Cravey

He makes the ground quake wherever he goes, he was tipped for a possible leadership tole in the recent spill. What will Scott Morrison be like in his new department?

It made the headlines. It was a cry from both heaven and hell. Nay, a knell for those who would assume to leech the tax payer of the fruits of their labours!

It was Scott Morrison, Minister for Social Services.

For the first year of the Abbott Liberal government, Kevin Andrews, now Minister for Defence, filled this portfolio, but with the recent Cabinet reshuffle, Morrison has been moved into a place where he can affect the next item on the agenda for a less expensive and intrusive state.

‘Why?’ you ask? Let’s look at what Morrison has done thus far. In Immigration, facing a scenario of thousands of illegal immigrants coming to Australia due to the lax and incomprehensibly stupid and irresponsible Labor (and Green) government, he managed within a year; to stop almost all boats, with only one ever reaching Australia. Detention centres on the mainland were shut down, saving hundreds of millions of dollars and removed the sugar for them ever needing to be filled again. He did not kowtow to the media’s incessant buzzing about being nice to those who break domestic and indeed, international law, he got to the job and executed it within a year as he promised with undeniable results.

Now depending on your perspective, all these things will have different degrees of being good or bad. If you think it from the Green Left, this is an example of horrific, Auschwitz-Birkenau style cruelty as Ian Rintoul seems to think. “Please rescue us from the HITLERS of our time” he wails, desperate for sensationalism to justify his existence. Well renowned Morrison Hater, Julian Burnside echoes such opinion, saying that Morrison; “helped revive the old lie that boat people are “illegal”, when even the ABC confirmed on the 13 Sep 2013 that Morrison was correct in defining illegal maritime arrivals as such. If you follow the Right of politics, you are more likely to see Morrison’s involvement in the Social Services as a breath of fresh air with the promise of less welfare and more incentive to find a job.

Many influences affect statistics of welfare, such as job markets and general economic health, but there is unfortunately a growing culture of welfare dependency in Australia that no other Minister than Scott Morrison would be able to confront. Just look at the righteous indignation from advocates, Labor/Greens and the Left. The question of the Medicare Co-Payment of 7 dollars has arisen time and time again to the howls of the dreaded ‘U’ word; ‘Unfair’. They say that destitute people who could not afford but a scrap of bread would be bled dry from this co-payment; however, the naysayers are wilfully ignorant that many people would be exempt from the co-payment. One must put into perspective that countries in Europe can have co-payments of over 20 dollars in certain cases, and they have successfully integrated this without the sky falling in.

In short, what must be seen in Morrison’s appointment to Social Services Minister is that for all the wailing and despairing one might hear on the radio and TV, he is best suited to carrying out the much needed reforms to slow the tide of welfarism in Australia and regrow a culture that says that a person will not be a leech on others and will strive to be self-reliant and responsible for their own actions.

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