Why I am a Young Liberal

By William Wallace

And William Wallace tells us why YOU should be too!

I am a Young Liberal – not because our party is perfect – it isn’t. There are too many career politicians in the party. There are too many “hacks”. The office bearers of the party don’t do enough to engage the membership base. There isn’t enough chance for members to discuss policy. The party is also far too small and it is too closed. But I believe in trying to change Australia for the better … and the best way I know how to do this is by being part of a political organisation which reflects my belief system.

I spend my time in the Young Liberals trying to find ways to improve it. This is a challenging task – but I genuinely believe that the work that I do makes a difference. It also grows me as a person, it gives me spiritual fulfilment and facilitates the changes I can make to Australia and the world.

The current President, James Wallace, has recently introduced monthly Young Liberal Council meetings. These have been a great success. At one meeting in September over 150 Young Liberals attended a debate on whether the Young Liberals should support gay marriage. (It succeeded, but was narrowly defeated with a recount)

Young Liberal Ball is always a stylish event with lots of beautiful dresses, expensive champagne and amazing harbour views. Campaigning in marginal seats can often make the difference between whether someone is elected or not. In the 2013 Federal Election Mr Damien Pace, the Macq Liberal Club President, took over forty students out campaigning three times per week for four months in the Federal Seat of Reid. On election night the seat was only won by only 500 votes.

The networking at events can also improve invaluable. People often get jobs with the people they meet. If a person wants to become a politician then being a part of the Young Liberals is the surest way to achieve that. But yes, our party needs to more to improve. The Liberal Party is suffering from a decline in membership. In 1950 our party had 50,000 members – whereas it now has 10,000. To correct this we need to give more back to the ordinary members. I believe that the best way to do that is to give them a direct say in terms of who their local lower house Liberal Candidate should be.

We need to broaden our base and give our members a direct say in who their local candidates should be. It is now has 10,000 members. But if you care about Australia – if you want our politicians to be better – then join.

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