Beneath the Surface

By Zeg (Editorial Cartoonist)

Race is being used to divide us. The Left is poisoning the vision of being judged by the content of our character and not the colour of our skin.


Did I miss the meeting when it was decided that Australians MUST be DIVIDED by RACE?

It’s bad enough that Australians of indigenous heritage are told that they are different to the rest by a succession of Governments and encouraged to be herded into “Reservations” of “race only” populations, let alone the BLACK ARMBAND version of Colonial history which is crammed into the minds of every child by the Social Engineers, since the 1950’s but now they want to put this policy of APARTHEID into the fabric of great Constitution. If anything must be changed it’s to only ensure that ALL Australian citizens are to be recognised and treated equally by the laws of the country and never is the colour of their skin nor their racial heritage to be a consideration nor a reason for special favour!

You can practically expect this type of divide and conquer from the “Useful Idiots” of the Marxist Left BUT to see our very own “Conservative” Prime Minister, actually engaging in this “Recognition” and Preamble rubbish, has frankly just blown me away!

Tony Abbott is one of the very few Federal Parliamentarians who has actually taken the time to live with and get to understand these Australians of

indigenous ancestry and yet he still thinks that this racially based amendment of the Constitution will do anything to assist the generations of indigenous Aussies who have been allowed to live in dysfunction, violence and abuse with the blessing of previous Governments?

I would never deny my children from expressing pride in their Serbian, English, Irish & Scottish heritage but I would never see them nor would I encourage them to ever see themselves, as anything other than decent human beings first and then as proud freedom loving Australians. What is being proposed now and is actually being seriously considered by all of the current Parties is more than just political symbolism, as the stupid delusional guilt ridden “Apology” stunt that Kevin Rudd pulled, but rather an very dangerous and divisive piece of Constitutional legislation that will practically seal the fate of us all as a nation of tribes.

One flag, one Sovereignty, one language, one law for all and one predominant culture is the only way that we will build more pride in all of our lives, in my humble opinion. It is time that we shut down this self serving Aboriginal Industry and knock this 200 year old chip of victimhood off the shoulders of dark and light skinned Aussies before more Australians die here at home!


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