Paving the Way to Hell

By Clinton Mead

Isn’t bubble-wrapping the public a good idea? Shockingly; “no”, says Clinton Mead.

So the numbers are out. Lockouts have been a huge success. As can be seen here, since the lockouts assaults have reduced by 36.2% in Kings Cross, as compared to only 14.5% across the non Kings Cross greater Sydney area.

Assuming the lockouts are the only factor, not say, increased police presence (how would that make a difference, it must be the lockouts) then we can say that lockouts have lowered assault in the Cross by 25%.

Since foot traffic is only down 84%, that means you’re only 4.5 more likely to be assaulted in the cross than before.

This is a huge success story!

According to the government.

Of course it isn’t. It’s a massive failure. If you do go out to the cross today, you’re 4.5 times more likely to get assaulted than pre-lockout. If you don’t, well, the laws don’t affect you. So it’s a lose/no change result. No-one wins.

I’m not one often to sing the praises of local government, but even local councillors know that the way you improve safety in public areas is to increase foot traffic there. The more people doing legal and legitimate business and recreation, the more potential witnesses, which is not a great thing if you’re into shady activities or violence.

It’s public safety 101, but the government was asleep in that course. And it’s increasingly clear they were also drunk whilst being asleep, which to be honest is a bit hypocritical of them.

But if this is how the NSW Government judges public policy, I’ve got a policy they can’t refuse:

The road toll is a serious problem, it kills hundreds every year. So fit to every car an explosive device that has a 50% of going off each hour the car is driven. No-one would dare get in their car. The road toll would plummet. And this, according to the NSW Government, is successful policy.

The lockouts have made Kings Cross less desirable and more dangerous, and reduced the absolute numbers of assaults. My bombs in cars policy also makes driving less desirable, more dangerous, and reduces the road toll. It’s the next logical step.

It’s time for bombs in cars. Think of the lives we’ll save. Think of the children!

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