The Weakest Link

By Zeg (Editorial Cartoonist)

Clearly this man who calls himself the ‘Leader of the ALP’ and is somehow hopeful of becoming the next Prime Minister of Australia, is not only delusional regarding his past Union dealings, as the Royal Commission is finally showing even the rusted on mob, but it appears that this assassin of two sitting PM’s is now really facing a Brutus or two of his own camp. Talk about Karma!

The very deliberate leaking to NewsCorp of the ALP discussion paper into the reintroduction of a double edged sword type of Carbon Dioxide Tax, has Bill Shorten’s SHATTERED credibility looking as worthwhile as a Bible reading in an ISIS recruitment rally!

I hope he’s still there come the next Federal Poll because the LNP won’t have to spend a cent on campaigning, they’ll just read back the court transcripts, Judicial findings and the “Back to the Failure” policies of his and his increasingly dodgy Party.

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