“We, the People…”

By Angie Norman

Has the debate become too polemic on the Conservative side? We hear from an American perspective…

The new Liberal doesn’t do Tea Parties. Or Republicans it seems.

Conservatism isn’t what it used to be, and the verbose right wingers seem to be muted currently by a surprising surge of moderates. Yes, we still have the Ron Paul fan boys and Reaganettes, but there numbers seem to be dwindling or at least less vocal . I’m not about to argue this is because of the refreshing Abbott administration or because Obama has won the hearts of all, but it is because of something.

This something is increased access.

Whether it’s because John Oliver or the Huffington Post, Australian voters are becoming increasingly aware of US policies and comparing them to their own political understanding and seeing a disunity. Even the people who elected Tony Abbott think the Republicans aren’t fit to lead. Is it a gun thing? Is it a George Bush thing? Or is it possibly because Liberals have become increasingly aware of ‘the perks of socialism’ and now appreciate them as basic human rights? One look at the ‘freedom’ loving folk of Australia tells us all we need to know as to why we vote the way we do and who if anything is influencing that. We love our freebies, our free medical, free education, free to air, free to access. Most of us don’t see these as the insidious clutches of communism, in fact we see them as the Australian way, and rightly so.

However at what cost does the vote accept freedom in this context and is if economically viable? Economists wiser than you or I still can’t decide. We will never move to the tax hikes of Scandinavian nations, but should we? Is it an exercise in futility, when we consider the growing cost of the aging populous, the state of public education and the way Australians avidly consume their government services?

We must all think about these questions when considering the spending of the government with our money.

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