Killing Time

By Rowan Cravey

The ALP ducks and weaves its way to evade the harsh and bitter truths that the Trade Union Royal Commission has revealed. Why?

The GST is a distraction. To be sure, it’s an important tax that must be addressed as a part of the tax mix applied by the government, but the whinging ad nauseum from Labor is a distraction.

‘Why might this be,’ you ask?

Labor is in a dire state. It has little to no real policy. What little it does have is often half baked, lacks purpose other than cheap vote buying and most importantly, lacks any form of credible funding, as can be seen in their recent announcement of throwing wads of cash at students and schools, expecting them to get smarter. Of course, raising taxes in a socialist’s mind is a credible funding method, but we’ll put that to one side for now.

But most importantly, the ALP is totally terrified at the consequences from the Trade Union Royal Commission, headed by former High Court Judge Dyson Heydon. Many have already been charged by police, and many more have been referred by Heydon to the DPP, advising their being charged also. As we all know, the Labor Party is the political arm of unions, and currently, the unions are in a parlous state. Membership at 14% of the working population and falling, significant allegations of criminal activity such as intimidation, extortion and secondary boycotting.

Simply put, Labor has nothing going for it. A terrible leadership team that have no ability to formulate good policy, Deputy Leader Tanya Plibersek’s ridiculous incumbency as Health Minister in the Gillard/Rudd years is emblematic of this and their wilful refusal to instil proper corporate governance across the union movement. The most they can hope to do at the moment is whine endlessly about how “Malcolm Turnbull and his Liberals” want to increase the GST, totally ignoring the reality that the tax mix can be changed with a raising and/or broadening while reducing other taxes to offset that change.

So what does Labor do? Wax (in)eloquent about how the government is unfair, how it wants nothing more than to increase the GST, even though it has said no such thing, how it doesn’t like poor people and preferences rich ones first and foremost, how the Liberals will only ever side with the big business side of town and how it hates ‘helf’ and ‘edukayshun’ when all the Liberals have campaigned for is a better redirection of funds to have better outcomes for students for less cost.

After all, throwing wads of cash at students’ heads does not make them smarter, as much as socialists think that it does.

In the end, what needs to happen? The very set of things that Labor has been told to accomplish for years and what it has rejected doing for so long. The union movement must have corporate governance just like any other business in Australia. This would go huge ways to ensure that all the allegations of illegal activity would find itself between a rock and a hard place. The shining light of transparency would mean that unions must be accountable and committed to honest work like they constantly claim to be doing. This isn’t just for my benefit or the political benefit of the Liberals, it would do wonders for the image problem they have and would best ensure they do not suffer under the broken union leadership that currently exists.

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