Living Museums

By Rowan Cravey

The Left infantilises and patronises indigenous peoples, all under the guise of being morally righteous. This is dangerous and unhelpful. Here’s why.

I recently saw the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode, Journey’s End. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore Star Trek more than any other TV show ever made, but sometimes, you can feel the Political Correctness (PC) just dripping from the writing.

I single out this episode specifically because it is emblematic of the psychosis of PC since when the episode was written in the early 90s right through to the present, 25 years later. The episode featured a group of Native Americans that had travelled to a planet that had been given to the not-very-nice Cardassians and they didn’t want to leave because… wait for it… their spiritual connection to the planet. Never mind they had been there only 20 years and had been living aboard starships their whole lives. Never mind that in 300 years, these people were being cast sympathetically as totally unchanged in every way, with not a hint of growth in anything.

But this isn’t about that. Anyone can believe anything they want, no matter that might be. This comes to how the Left see indigenous peoples. To them, Aboriginals, either from Australia or anywhere else, are portrayed by the Left as perfect societies that existed perfectly before evil white people wrecked it all. They see them as living museums. Even the writers of Journey’s End could not countenance that in the 24th Century, Native Americans just might have come to the secular nature that the rest of civilisation had come to. That they might prioritise the immense technological advantages that were at their disposal. But no, they had to live in huts and to see ‘visions’ through ‘spiritual practise’ rather than see it for what it has always been, to get high like Towelie from South Park.

One can see it in the attitude from the Left in the modern day. Aboriginals cannot be seen as people who should be encouraged to follow the same general direction other people do. Things like moving to the urbanised areas of cities, getting a job, buying a house, all the rest of it. The Left would have us all believe that living in the middle of nowhere, living squarely off welfare in order to live in squalor are great examples of cultural enrichment and ironically, self-determination.

Now sure, if an individual wants to live like that, they can go right ahead, provided they don’t come crying to big daddy government for more cash. This is not to say all Aboriginals do that same thing; I’ve met or know enough successful Aboriginals, such as Warren Mundine, that live successful lives and who should be lauded for that. However, in the minds of the writers of Journey’s End, the Greens Party and the Left more widely, they see Aboriginal people as living museums. Seeing staying stuck in the past, living by archaic and primitive standards as a beautiful thing. People live in poverty in the outback at times, children don’t go to school in these communities far too often, the poisonous welfare dependence runs far too deep. When anyone mentions these realities, they are decried as racists and people to be silenced.

“…the Left’s obsession with the total silence surrounding the criticism of anything related to Aboriginal Affairs is poisonous and dangerous, leading to endless accusations of racism against people who warrant no such description.”

Dallas Scott, an Aboriginal man who runs the Black Steam Train blog, understands that while racism exists, the Left’s obsession with the total silence surrounding the criticism of anything related to Aboriginal Affairs is poisonous and dangerous, leading to endless accusations of racism against people who warrant no such description. He put the description of what the PC Left are so poetically:

“The caring, informed and sensitive city dwellers who, despite their alabaster skin tone and lack of racial diversity, can not only see, smell and hear racism, but tragically, are so deeply affected by it that they feel they must differentiate themselves from the white person next to them by pointing at them and screaming racist long enough and loud enough that somehow, somewhere in the midst of all their righteous shouting, their own skin tone will be forgotten or ignored.”

The result from this attitude is what was shown on the Silver Screen by Star Trek. Indigenous peoples are patronisingly presented as mystical creatures. So far beyond the understanding of any white person, that they must be seen as they were before evil whitey came and destroyed them. A people that lived in terrible conditions, suffered social injustices everywhere, endured diseases with no medical resources to adequately deal with them and much more. A virtual museum feature, cemented in the past.

This is not to say that white people did not commit terrible crimes against Aboriginal people, here in Australia or in the US or anywhere else, but the self-flagellation of the Left and the venom they spew at anyone who disagrees with them has led to recreations of the poor, poverty stricken past in the form of Living Museums. The people most affected in all this? Indigenous peoples.

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