Selling BS

By Rowan Cravey

Reverse racism doesn’t exist. Racism does. The invention of the phrase ‘reverse racism’ may have been meant well, in that it implies that white people can experience racism themselves. However, this assumes that this kind of racism is different from the more traditional kind often associated with the disadvantage black people have endured over history. This is flawed thinking.

Universities are often filled with students who will scream endlessly about how white people are the cause of all problems with any race that isn’t white, not thinking about any other reason why that might be. These people often cite some mystical ‘institutional oppression’ that pervades all, yet cannot be purged. No matter how hard a white person might try, to these PC people will always see them as impure representations of aristocratic superiority, above reproach in every way. I wonder if they’d look at a white homeless man, destitute and starving, in the eye and tell him that he has more inherent advantage over a woman who has an air-conditioned office job and enough money to buy an apartment in the CBD of Sydney. Believe me, you will find some crazies who will do just that.

This ‘institutional oppression’ as it is portrayed is a fantasy. It has been a fantasy for decades and it is fanned endlessly by those who seek to exploit it for their own political ends and to assuage the emotions of the insecure. Women and all races can do anything a white man can, and have been able to do so for years. A woman can run a corporation, look at Gail Kelly of Westpac. A black person can be the most powerful man in the world, look at Barack Obama. Putting aside whether we think these people are good at their jobs, it goes to show that anyone can do anything in the West. No ifs or buts. Anyone who tells you otherwise is selling something.

Many of these PC students will admit that white people can suffer discrimination. That is correct. Making a determination on how to treat someone based on race, is called racism. It astonishes me no end how these people will continuously see some difference between discrimination and racism. But let’s assume there is a difference. What does that mean? If a white person is not hired because he is white, he is without a job unjustly, regardless of whether the treatment is called discrimination or racism.

You see, this argument is fallacious and stupid. It is irrelevant what letters are construed together to make the word. The end result is the same; people are unfairly treated on the basis of something that is outside their control. It is wrong regardless of who does it and who it’s against. This semantical argument about whether someone is or is not able to suffer racism deserves to be laughed at. That is all it comes down to. There is no institutional oppression against non-whites, that can be proven by the individual achievements that they can accomplish.

If anyone says that the sins of the father are applicable to those alive today, they are also selling something and also deserve to be laughed at. ‘White people bought and owned slaves decades and centuries ago?’ Well, I was born in 1995 and had no control over that. Why am I somehow a lesser person for sharing one attribute with those who did that? Not to mention that all races and nations of this planet have practised slavery, not just white people.

You see, those who preach anti-racism and their own credentials as to how they are accomplishing just that, are often the ones who practice racism the most. They deride a white person for their skin colour and nothing more. They shout them down in universities and silence them simply for having less melanin in their skin. Martin Luther King is known for that famous speech he gave, and even more famously, for a specific line. It read:

“I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character.”

He did not mention a part that said on the end, ‘except if they’re white, in which case, this whole speech can be ignored.’

So remember, if someone acts on an assumption that white people’s opinion matters less because of their skin colour, they are not judging them by the content of their character and are being racist.

As a final note, those who have been subject to abuse on the basis of their race or anything else, should always be extended support should they need and want it. That way we can all strive to eliminate racism in whatever form it comes in.


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