Trump: Make America Great Again!

By Jonathan Malota

Trump for President? Why on Earth would anyone support such a man? Jon Malota gives us his take on the merits of supporting the Trump…

I will be writing about why I support Trump for President of the United States of America and convince you that you should too.

No matter which candidate you support and which candidate you do not, too many group every candidate’s supporters into one category and call all of them stupid. This is not only untrue but makes those doing such stereotyping look extremely narrow-minded. There are intelligent people supporting all manner of candidates: Hillary Clinton, Jeb Bush, and Bernie Sanders. I struggle to understand why others support certain candidates, but nevertheless, I respect their view.

I am of the very strong belief that Americans need a businessperson in the White House rather than another career politician. Successful businesspeople live and die according to every decision they make and they don’t have the luxury of a safety net like most politicians do. Politicians have four to eight year terms to look forward to regardless of their performance in office. In contrast, for businesspeople like Trump, there are no second chances if you do a bad deal, and you can’t have a refund on time when you fail. For those advocating for the standard establishment route, I have one simple question: how many politicians would you hire to operate your own business or company? I would hazard a guess and say not very many.

I support Trump because he has led hundreds of employees in business through one of the most challenging environments, the Global Financial Crisis, therefore giving him leadership experience and experience in economics – the most important skill set which, for many politicians, is lacking or completely absent. Trump knows how to get things done – on time, as promised, and under budget to boot. Just look at his many building projects, whether residential or commercial. That is what is required to be successful in business.

Furthermore, Trump has great deal-making abilities. If you see Trump on stage, you would think he is the same in every circumstance: a hot-headed bombastic who would destroy every peaceful foreign relation the White House has ever established. This is simply not true. If Trump had the same attitude in business as he takes to the stage during rallies, he would not be successful as he is today. To the contrary, he is considered one the best negotiators of his time when it comes to deal-making.

I ask Trump critics: When was the last time such a record was achieved in government with any policy? Trump has said many times that he would rather negotiate with the other side rather than cause the other side to capitulate and give in to all demands. A business person is practical and understands that, most times, you can’t have everything that you want in a deal, but 80% is better than 0% when closing a deal.

Another reason that I respect Trump is that he is financing his own campaign. All of the other candidates are currently receiving large sums of donations through big business looking to influence policy for themselves rather than to help make government better or through Political Action Committees (PACs). I am not saying that this immoral – it’s well within the rules – but this make any other candidate beholden to their donors and not to the voting public. Trump, on the other hand, will be completely independent and will not be influenced by donors when implementing policies.

A final reason why I support Trump is that he has a great tax plan. Trump’s tax plan would see the biggest tax cuts since World War II. His tax plan would reduce and simplify the tax code, taking it from seven to four tax brackets. This means that if one is earning over $150k he would be paying 25% tax. If one is earning over $50k-150k, one would be paying 20 percent, if one is earning between $25k – 50k, one would pay 10% and if one is earning 0 – $25k, no taxes would be payable. This tax plan would help small business succeed and have money to invest further into their business. It also puts an end to corporate loopholes which many hedge funds and Wall Street banks take advantage of due to heavy donations to legislators. Ultimately, this tax plan will create more jobs and bring more money in for the United States to invest in infrastructure and economic growth. It will secure what Trump wants, which is to Make America Great Again.

Don’t judge Trump on whether or not he comes across as a nice guy. Judging him on such appearance has no bearing on his job performance or competence. In an interview with Rona Barrett in 1980, Trump said someone with strong views which are unpopular but right wouldn’t necessary have a chance of getting elected against somebody who has no great brain but a big smile.

Americans need a President that will get the job done. Americans need a President who will Make America Great Again.

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