War & Peace

By Brodie Kidd

While welcoming immigrants has proven to be a great boon to the West. It has its consequences.

Many would argue there are positive factors for immigration, and I partially agree; the mass immigration of Central Europeans to Australia circa 1950/60 has brought with it many cultural influences, differing socioeconomic and political views, and a positive increase in the population for a struggling nation. However, it is in my view that the mass immigration of Islamic families and individuals into the Central European nation of Germany, as sanctioned by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, has sparked the beginning of the end of the European lifestyle as we know it today. One of the many reasons I stand by this view is that Islam has previously stated their hatred for Western Christian values and their societies with a strong desire to dissolve and eradicate their way of life.

Unregulated background checks of said immigrants will potentially become a major threat to the European nation, with Islamic State’s open admission to exploiting this mass exodus as a means of smuggling trained fundamentalist fighters into mainland Europe. Evidence of well-known terrorists and terrorist organisations will only come much later on in future after the damage of this mass Islamic migration is well and truly embedded within the European lifestyle. Nations throughout Europe, such as France and Hungary, have completely shut their borders off to this movement claiming it breaches their national policy to allow immigrants through, or in, without proper authorization papers or Visas, much to the claims of ‘racism’ and “islamophobia’ by the worldwide leftist community. One must also challenge their claim of “cultural oppression’ and ‘escaping war torn situations’ when they are privileged to have access to some of the most current technology and clothing, as well as funds to afford a highly illegal crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. Many of these immigrants were stopped by Italian Maritime Police or stopped at the above-mentioned borders.

Crime and immigrant-related issues throughout mainland Europe have already seen a dramatic escalation; strong evidence suggests that weeks before the attacks on Paris, the alleged terrorists’ passports were accepted through French authorities without any hesitation and are believed to be Syrian asylum seekers. In addition, there have been gang rape and gang assaults on local German women in East Germany by Middle Eastern men, confirmed to have requested asylum and safe travel into Europe. It is also evident in various townships throughout Europe that Sharia Law is slowly becoming the accepted way of life, and police of Islamic background have been reported enforcing their Sharia values on local European citizens. It is horrifying to believe European countries are permitting pre-Word War II – Neville Chamberlain-style of appeasement to exist and are offering to allow these new pop-up foreign Islamic isolationist communities to take over their once peaceful nation. Enormous amounts of confusion as to Germany being their destination of choice has a lot of speculation as to the true meaning behind their motives. It would seem logical that escaping a war torn country would involve escaping to the nearest safe country, as opposed to migrating to a completely foreign country with a completely alien way of life. This exodus that has pulsed its way through mainland Europe, leaving behind a trail of carnage, destruction, litter and fear in its path has a lot more forthcoming.

Consequently, this is the situation as it stands merely weeks following this mass movement of radical Islamic immigrants. How destructive will this situation be in weeks, months, or years? How soon will it be until the current governments sell the souls of their countries for the sake of ‘keeping the peace’? Who will step in to preserve the European lifestyle and salvage the democratic and religious freedom we are so privileged with? My final message is one of ‘thanks’ to the German Chancellor; thank you aiding and abiding the cultural Marxists in cultural appeasement. Thank you for opening the borders of Europe and the proud, culturally rich country of Germany, to people that want to see the way of life destroyed and burned to the ground, replaced by the laws and rulings that have ruined the countries they are fleeing from. Thank you for ruining Europe. It is a truly worrying thought when, for her efforts in destroying a proud nation, Angela Merkel is awarded Time Magazine’s Person of the year.

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