Disertio Libertatis

By Zeg (Editorial Cartoonist)

The media is infected with the Left and presents facts with a bit of fiction thrown in for good measure. Zeg tells us the details.

In my opinion as always, the hypocrisy is staggering with regards to the recent MSM coverage of the violent “EXTREME RIGHT, THE ANTI ISLAM FRINGE” & the always ” PRO DIVERSITY, ANTI RACIST PROTESTORS!”

It’s not bad enough that the labelling is so skewed and distorted to openly favour the Leftist “Usual Suspect” of the Socialist Resistance Rent-A-Crowd (who are never mentioned, although their flags fly high), but when every hand-wringing lefty reporter just couldn’t help to point out estimated attendance figures as if they were fact, and always as if the “sensible and kind hearted diversity lovers of freedom” far our numbered the rat wing racist rabble of the right MINORITY!

I thought that they embraced all minorities?

I’ve been witness to clearly edited vision of an anti-mosque protest organiser on his megaphone, appearing exceedingly vocal who is then shown up against the selected muted footage of the flower and (Aboriginal?) flag waving kiddies of tolerance and kum-ba-ya!

The danger of extreme Islamic terrorist attacks is obviously very real in Australia. Let’s face the facts, they have happened and will happen again, even after the brilliant work of our Police and Security agencies, who have most certainly curtailed many other murderous acts of the Aussie Infidels (another thing that the Left Media don’t want you to know. I know because I was a part of that world and still am connected). Thank God that we don’t rely on the appeasing, always careful of offending the Muslim vote Politicians, to be running the raids and the taking care of the electronic intercepts, surveillance and analysis!

Back to the point of this cartoon. For our ideologically driven mainstream media not to do their job and to just report the facts but to create a false image and narrative of these events, is a disgraceful treachery to say the least. An actual desertion of the Liberty that they would have you believe that they are protecting.

So do I have this right, let’s fall over with gratitude when a Muslim Imam says that he told his flock “If you don’t like Australia, Leave” and yet almost a year ago to the day, Woolworths Supermarket brings out a singlet with the same wording on it and they are decried by this same Media as promoting Racism and Division?

Of course Islamist Extremists Like Australia, they loooove it, they waaaant…. derrrrr! Problem is that they just don’t like the Australians already in it. Our Culture and our very way of life, offends Sharia. We have a Grand Mufti of Australia (a pretty impressive title) calling for a start to an open dialogue and yet after 18 years of being here, he can’t speak English. The first two opening words of the Mufti’s media release calling for the Media Conference were, DEAR SIRS…..

Just think about that all you liberated woman out there and especially the appeasers in the Media.

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