By Rowan Cravey

What did the Left expect as part of the reaction against their arrogance and undeserved sense of superiority? The Pendulum must have its way.

We often hear about the Pendulum in politics. Where one political movement goes too far in one direction, and the people elect a sharp 180 degree turn to take their place. This has happened in the recent Brexit, the rise in support for Donald Trump and the election of a substantial number of right wing parties here in Australia primarily to the Senate.

But the greatest question that must be answered, or at least considered, is the why. This has been and is being explored every day, and truly, the answer lies within how the Left continuously sneer and deride those who have different ideologies and opinions. Jonah Goldberg in the Prager University video, ‘Which One Are You: Ideologue or Pragmatist?’ speaks of how those on the Left fancy themselves the pure, enlightened ones, who could never be something as dirty as a racist person or, heaven forbid, ideological.

This is the issue with the Left, while they claim to be untarnished by the clouding and irrational compulsion of fundamental beliefs an individual may have, they are the most fundamental in their belief of their own superiority.

Moral and intellectual.

But the general people, Right and Left, can see through this visage and they often see inner authoritarians who wish to control everything they can, all under the delusion that they know best and what they do is in the interests of all involved.

They see how when someone of the academic Left like Van Badham go from someone who piously recounts how virtuous she is by saying Australia is a misogynistic country, to someone who screams, and yes, hysterically about how she hates Tony Abbott without even meeting the man. The awakening to this tyrannical attitude to those they disagree with has been given a bright spotlight in the recent Brexit referendum, where those who were told that only racists and xenophobes could possibly support the Leave vote. Only those who were not enlightened and intelligent could ever possibly think to want to support not having oligarchs in Brussels determine their economic future and immigration policy.

Consequent to this attitude, the Leave vote won, and while a Remain campaigner, Theresa May, has now become Prime Minister, she understands the necessities of reflecting the Leave vote, appointing the famous Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary, a role that will have him intimately involved in the formation of policy between Britain and the

EU and beyond. His style and history has been a consistent repudiation of the BS of the Left and their narcissistic superiority, and May’s government will hopefully represent that move in the British electorate. The pendulum swing against the Left.

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