The Providence that Protects Idiots

By Daniel Gibbons

The Hanson has arisen once more in a Lazarus like comeback. What does this mean for the Conservative movement?

In this election, we’ve seen an interesting resurgence of One Nation, which, under the banner of Pauline Hanson, has received incredible wind in their sails. This has launched them into Senate for the first time. Members of the Right have been fast to clamour to this result, identifying a trend away from the primary parties and a ‘frustrated class of conservative Australians’ diverting from the Liberal Party that is perceived by the Right to be drifting further and further to the Left.

Conservatives cite the recently celebrated figure of 1.7 million conservatives that have drifted from the Liberal Party due to their lack of a conservative core, and have voted for alternate parties that were right-of-centre on the political spectrum. This has been celebrated as the ‘silent majority’ that the conservatives often point to outline a mass Australian support for conservative values. I, however, am not convinced.

In Australia, approximately 14 million people voted at the last election. Of those 14 million, the silent majority comprised of 12.14% of the vote. Conservatives, regardless, celebrate this figure, and perhaps they have right to celebrate.

The Liberal Party has elected a Prime Minister who has on multiple occasions shown that he is a social progressive, and even during the electoral campaign said he was a feminist, much to the horror of the Liberal base. To see such a consolidated conservative vote shows that, indeed, the Liberal Party has lost its way, at least in the eyes of the conservatives.

However, who lapped up those votes and trumped the silent minority’s cause? Not the perhaps more intellectually charged right wing parties, such as the Christian Democrats, Family First, Rise Up Australia or Australian Liberty Alliance. Instead Pauline Hanson took that charge. She held up the banner, declaring to all across the nation that she was the go-to conservative who was ready to fight for Australia. And that, my friends, was the biggest mistake of the conservatives.

There are many people on the Right who know their stuff. You can call them bigoted, racist, or whatever, but in the end they’re intelligent people. They have facts and figures, and their arguments are based upon intellectual consideration and not ignorance, rhetoric or hot-air arguments.

However, even the most basic and empty analysis of Pauline Hanson and her party reveals a dirty reality: she is an idiot.

A deep seething and dislike for foreigners dwells within the recesses of Pauline Hanson.

She has proven again and again that unlike the intellectual right who constantly state they’re not racist, she is actually a racist.

Her comments on Asian and Middle-Eastern immigration outline a severe flaw in her alleged ‘fair dinkum’ politics, and outline a severe lack of intellect. She is ignorant, she is stupid, and this is a reality the Right needs to realise if they wish to see their movement taken seriously.

She has made statements on multiple occasions that point to her clearly racist attitudes.

For example, her well-known “I believe we are in danger of being swamped by Asians,” echoes her concerns.

Pauline’s rhetoric against Australians who aren’t white should be alarming; however the Hanson right seem it acceptable to ignore her views on non-whites. Some even share her opinion on non-white Australians.

The most concerning fact however is the reality that there are voters in Australia that align with her views on race, immigration and Australia. She believes in a radical Australia where the white race is trumped above others, dedicating to a systematic and legislated restriction on other races (feel free to read One Nation’s policies on their website). There is a base of Australian voters who believe in these values, and want to see the people who support these things delivered into parliament. And they’ve successfully done that.

It’s embarrassing. We can see across the world a rise of the right, with Right-leaning parties gaining significant preferences in many Western nations, however our flavour of the right is corrupted with racism and bigotry. Why is it that Australia’s swing to the Right brings the rise of race politics and ignorance, instead of the intellectual Right’s more fair dinkum politics and logic-based policy? Because most of our right-wing is racist.

There’s need for cultural review. In the blue collar working suburbs of Australia, where cultural diversity is relatively low and scepticism of others is at its highest, there is a failure. Within that failure, there found is the One Nation movement. I believe

Pauline Hanson isn’t the result of frustration towards the Liberals. It’s the result of idiocy. Within each One Nation voter lays either a lack of education, or a love for her politics, and that is genuinely scary.

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