Macquarie Street

Macquarie Street

Macquarie Street is a new publication that seeks to espouse a different  viewpoint on society, current affairs and general commentary than other magazines.

Our writers are of a Conservative and Libertarian breed who serve to spread the word of Liberalism across not only the Macquarie campus, but eventually as many campuses as we can possibly manage.

Eyes are not only the window to the soul, but outwardly, define the colour and shape of our world. We look to find truth and meaning. Sight is about being unimpeded, unobstructed in a search for honesty. With this in mind, we hope to open your eyes and enlighten you about this university.

From universities all over unwilling to be accountable and transparent about their spending of the SSAF funds to many different publications maintaining wonderful independence, checking and balancing on their journalistic integrity, it is difficult to find a publication of an alternative voice.

Too many writings that exist speak of political correctness as a virtue, Socialism as a sustainable ideology and argue race/sexuality/gender as tools to be used against opponents. This magazine is written by Liberals, yes, but it is open to any human being who wishes to contribute, Conservative or Libertarian. This will not be an exclusive echo chamber of agreement between us; it will be a place where different opinions are welcomed and argued for and against.

Are you a budding journalist? Keen to engage in debate? Well contributing to the Macquarie Street publication could be perfect for you! If this is something that interests you please email


Disclaimer: Views expressed in articles do not necessarily reflect the views of the Macquarie University Liberal Club or Macquarie University. Should you wish to report any content please email Authors are responsible for their own content.